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Reviews for The Collected Cat Rackham

Added on by Steve Wolfhard.

Some of my wonderful and extraordinarily skilled friends wrote blurbs for my new Cat Rackham book (The Collected Cat Rackham, available in late September). I'm so touched!


"Cat Rackham is a punch in the gut and a squeeze in the heart." — Vera Brosgol, author of the Eisner Award and Harvey Award-winning Anya's Ghost

"'Poor Cat Rackham' is something I have said while sighing, laughing, or occasionally guarding against tears. As much as his characters may struggling with life, I am always struggling right there beside them. There is a wonderful quality to Steve's work that makes it both a joy and a comfort to read." — Emily Carroll, author of the Eisner Award-winning Through the Woods

“The simple mundanity and horror of depression and the unknown is at the core of all of us. Steve knows where it is and will show you with more confidence than he would let on. Steve, (oh!) how I love that boy!" — KC Green, author of Gunshow

"Cat Rackham makes me feel new feelings, stuff I haven't felt before. If you're interested in feeling sad, but also feeling happy and laughing at the same time, I think this may be the precise collection of comics you've been searching for." — Ryan North, author of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl